3b natural hair

Discover stylish and easy hairstyles that will enhance your beautiful 3B natural hair. Get inspired and show off your curls with confidence!
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The Hair Texture Chart 1 Dec Do you know your type? This hair system developed by Andre Walker (Oprah Winfrey hair stylist) is probably the best to follow. It breaks down hair into 3 main categories and 8 sub categories. Keep some naturals tend to have two, maybe even three different types of textures. So you can follow more than one of these types and modify your routine to get the best out of your hair. Type 1 refers to straight hair, more commonly found on Asian and Caucasian women and…

Victoria Deprofio-Kondry
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Working in a Textured hair salon, we get asked a lot about hair type and curl/wave pattern. Despite the beliefs of some, Curly hair isn’t just one big category and, in fact, it encompasses a wide variety of wave and curl types - each with its own unique characteristics and care needs. The truth is t

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