1985 chicago bears

Step back in time and relive the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears season. Discover the key players, iconic plays, and untold stories that made this team one for the history books.
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Midway Mayhem: The Dominating 1985 Chicago Bears - Beckett News

Mike Singletary’s eyes, Jim McMahon’s headbands and Mike Ditka’s mustache. “Sweetness” and “The Fridge.” The 46 defense and the 46-10 massacre in Super Bowl XX. Even more than 35 years later, these names, nicknames and numbers still resonate. Such is the everlasting power and popularity of the 1985 Chicago Bears, a brash, brutal and brilliant cast of characters who forged the most intimidating lineup the National Football League has ever seen. Fueled by a ferocious defense and the…

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