1970s aesthetic kitchen

Step back in time with these stunning 1970s aesthetic kitchen ideas. Transform your space into a groovy and nostalgic haven, bringing retro vibes to your cooking experience.
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Hello! Our kitchen makeover has been a gradual one that has taken nearly a year to complete. After the smashed up vintage plates mosaic was finished the next job on the list was to paint all the kitchen cupboards white. I've wanted to do this since we moved in 5 years ago but it always seemed like such a big job, actually it wasn't. Instead of rushing it we took off a couple of doors at a time, sanded them and painted them, we had the whole kitchen done in 2 weeks. Then the floor, I loved…

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That 70's House is back with another house project! I have this pantry closet that honestly isn't very needed in our house! That said, we DO need more kitchen storage, so I thought I would turn it into a home bar / coffee bar situation! That said, I want to do everything with second hand materials i