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Ida Meyer
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Ida Meyer
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Easy DIY tire storage rack (winter is a'comin) - Car

Easy DIY tire storage rack (winter is a'comin) - Car -- Curated by: Quality Tires

Workbench with tire storage front

Looking for a place to store those off season tires? Check out this great use of space - workbench with built in tire storage! No more rolling around those big bulky tires so you can find a spot to work in your garage!

Utilize vertical space like never before, create a birdcage garden. Learn how to make birdcage planter and how to plant succulents and flowers in it.

Love my succulent birdcage garden but it can't hang, plus it looks great on my patio table. I'm thinking I need to be on the lookout for some cheap hanging birdcages because I have some unused hooks and spots that I think would be perfect!