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Terrariums came of age with the Victorians and are enjoying a newfound resurgence, fueled in part by their affordability and the continued interest in all things gardening. "It's something everybody can do," says Tovah Martin, author of The New Terrarium and a lecturer who gives workshops on the subject across the country. "You can do it on a budget, do it with kids, do it with seniors."

Top Plants for Terrariums . Terrariums and miniature gardens are popular but require forethought in picking the proper plants .but to tell the truth picking the right plant for the condition is how is should be done with any type of garden

Alexander Calder, drawing for Aesops Fables, 1931.

Alexander Calder, drawing for Aesops Fables, I think he's drawn these figures with continuous lines, not lifting the pen off the paper.

howard tangye

Stinsensqueeze is raising funds for WITHIN – Howard Tangye on Kickstarter! A book revealing the unseen work of Howard Tangye – the influential Saint Martins tutor to generations of famous fashion designers.