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Ida Jonasson
Ida Jonasson

Ida Jonasson

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Happy new year! Thank you all for being a part of our jurney in 2016. We couldn't do this without you! Hope you will suport us as much as you did in 2016! See you in 2017 #happynewyear

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quotes about death of a friend - Google Search

Loss. Love. and Motherhood.

Moving on with your life after losing a parent is one of the most difficult things to do!

Sometimes you have to call 'um like you see 'um.

People feeling suicidal can have strong feelings of worthlessness, keep reassuring them you care about them & you'll help them through this

What if I feel this way the rest of my life?

I'm so broken that I can feel it. I mean, physically feel it. This is so much more than being sad now. This is affecting my whole body.