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Love transom windows on interior doorways. They allow the light to make it to inner spaces, even when the doors are closed.


Hyper-realistic Cactus Paintings that Bristle with Detail by Kwang-Ho Lee.


Amazing colors found in nature - parrot fish in a pink bowl. Breathtakingly vibrant colors in nature.

Radical Transcendance : Hayal Pozanti.

Hayal Pozanti - Radical Transcendence Acrylic on Wood Panel 47 X 73 inches - 120 X 185 cm 2012

Yayoi Kusama

vjeranski: “ Yayoi Kusama (b. Germination, soul transmigration, 1990 Acrylic on canvas 21 x 18 in;

Yayoi Kusama , Kusama at Love-In-Festival in Central Park, New York, 1968

Yayoi Kusama is just an absolute revelation. Kusama at Bust Out Happening at Sheep Meadow in Central Park, Collection Yayoi Kusama. Image courtesy Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc.