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a brown card with a white candle on it and a yellow ribbon around the edge
'And it was called Yellow'
Made With Sparkle: 'And it was called Yellow'
two greeting cards, one with a bandage on it and the other says get well soon
a woman holding a wrapped present with flowers in it's wrapper that says with love
Zauberhafte Geschenkverpackung mit Blumen l Geschenke verpacken with love ❤ #beautifulgiftswrapping
three different baby onesuits are shown with the names on them
Free Printable Baby Onesies Card template. Just dowload and assemble.
Free Printable Baby Onesies Card template. Just dowload and assemble. by britta.hansen.900
someone cutting up some paper with scissors on top of each other and another person is holding something in front of them
12 Super Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. This Christmas, don't settle for store-bought gifts, but make your own instead, let your gifts stand out from everybody else's. To give you some inspiration, we brought you 12 of the best ideas for homemade Christmas gifts, they're so easy and creative.^$To make your gifts more special, you need special wrapping for your gifts. Check out these
three bags with different designs on them and one has an elephant head in the middle
Gift-wrapping with bead plates | DIY-projects
DIY gifts with balloons. A creative gift wrapping idea for kids by Søstrene Grene | Pinterest: Natalia Escaño
four pictures of christmas wreaths and presents on a marble counter top with pink ribbon
Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas http://flora-inspiro.blogspot.se/2014/12/gift-wrapping-for-christmas.html
the pop up card cut - out to help your little make for their mom or dad
DIY Valentine's Day Gifts & Other Fun!
DIY Valentine’s Day Cut Out Card
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of paper
Wedding and Events - 3/4 - ApplePins.comApplePins.com
Adapt this technique for all sorts of displays!
two pictures showing how to make an origami gift box with ribbon and glue
diy wrap
a table with some cards and a vase on top of it next to a paper sticker
It's not exactly Stampin Up card stock, but a very cool idea...punch designs out of paint sample cards from the paint store to get gradation of a particular color
an open baby shower box with a pink bow on it
Printable Baby Shower Invitations - Good Food, No Games!
baby shower invitations 5
a collage of photos with pink and gold items including balloons, envelopes, and greeting cards
DIY Balloon Invitations
DIY Balloon Party Invitations!