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If your home garden is large enough to plant CORN, there's no greater summer treat. Corn is a heavy feeder, so rotate this crop yearly. COMPANION PLANTS include beans, cucumber, melons, parsley, peanuts, peas, potato, squash & sunflower. Beans can grow up the corn stalk and melons planted at the base of the corn will reduce its water needs. (Keep corn at least 20' away from your tomato plants)

Growing sweet corn in Minnesota home gardens : Vegetables : Yard and Garden : University of Minnesota Extension

20 most amazing raised bed gardens, from simple wood raised beds to many creative variations. Great tutorials and inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Build your own raised bed. Get more food from better soil with less water with raised beds. Landscape designer Linda Chisari shares her design (and materials list), along with advice on sizing and adding a convenient irrigation system.

Santa Coaster

This homemade Santa Coaster is the ultimate crochet pattern for holiday parties. The pom-pom hat makes this coaster one of the cutest free Christmas crochet patterns you'll find. Both kids and adults will enjoy using this coaster.