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a drawing of a woman holding an umbrella in front of a mirror with the reflection of herself
[Day 3 - shattered] . Once there was a girl that everyone in town called cursed. One day she looked in the mirror and seen a demon staring at her blindly. "Am I really cursed? Or am I mad? " she asked. "You're a witch" a voice said and then the glass shattered. . Visit @spacemanifesto to see her amazing part of our inktober collaboration! #inktober2017 #inktober #witchtober #witchtober2017 #witch
a drawing of a girl next to a black cat on top of a wooden table
a black and white drawing of a light bulb with sunflowers in it
Broken isn't Bad
a drawing of a ballerina in pink shoes
ballet desenho tumblr
ballet desenho tumblr - Pesquisa Google:
a drawing of a person's feet and shoes
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
Uma imagem perfeita para se descrever o quanto somos diferentes e não tem problema nenhum❤️❤️❤️