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The OM/ONE designed by David DeVillez features a levitating speaker of 3.6 Inch Diameter. The speaker floats 1.2 Inch over the base with the help of an electromagnet. The speaker connects with mobiles and computers through bluetooth 4.0 within 33 feet range

OM Audio OM/ONE—The world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker. Designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers,.

tan blazer. light blue oxford. light khaki pants. navy tie. white pocket square w/blue dots. watch. gold tie bar. brown leather belt. easy. versatile. style.

Tan blazer over a light blue shirt. A navy tie with a gold tie bar. white pocket square w/blue dots. watch and a brown leather belt

Men's Fashion

Full marks to the blazer that is chosen to go with the boy-next-door outfit . "Blazers can be super casual. Just be sure to keep it simple with the graphic tee and other pieces so you don't end up looking like you are out of an episode of Jersey Shore.

I'm not a guy, but i need these in my life. "fuck off" <3

The Fuck Off Shoe Collection by Mark McNairy. I honestly wish all of my shoes had this on the bottom of them! The saying "kick rocks" would now have so much more meaning behind it lol!