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3 days - tons of fun
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Desert safari

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a camel is standing in the desert sand
Qatari camel in the desert
I fed him water and made a friend for life. At least according to the sheikh who took me to the desert. My newfound dune bashing friend and driver told me a) camels are loyal b)camels know the difference between left and right and c) camels store fat in their hump to use for survival when resources are scarce. Pretty cool, hey?
a woman is holding her arms up in front of a large object that looks like a shell
The Doha pearl
The pearl monument of downtown Doha. A great Insta spot, don’t you think? #misstravelforlife #doha #qatar #pearls
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a large red wall with a flag painted on it
Qatar flag
Qatar flag i Doha #doha #qatar #misstravelforlife