Knitting patterns, but I think you could figure out a crotchet method or use old sweaters and shirts to make these little guys for kiddos. Thanks Amy! Knit a Monster Nursery - Practical and Playful Knitted Baby Patterns By Rebecca Danger

Patterns like these are usually done is crochet. The only thing left to decide is what yarn to use. - Free Knitting Pattern: Pieces of Eight Mitts

Mary Maxim - Free Chain Stitch Scarf Knit Pattern - Free Patterns - Patterns Books So very cool. Just need to learn to knit now.

Cozy Mittens

A pair of hand-knit mittens should be the universal symbol for wintertime happiness and comfort. (It’s also an instant heirloom: How many an orphaned mitten is cherished long after losing its mate because someone’s nana knit it?

Варежки "Лисички" и "Белочки". Схемы для вязания.

As soon as I have a baby Mommy mittens! Winter handholding can be difficult; two sets of bulky gloves can mean that little hands slip out of reach. With this clever design, an adult and child can hold hands in comfort in one warm glove.

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