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Earlier this week, the Guardian noted the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis with a "quiz on the nuclear threat in literature."

Leslie Gilbert Illingworth cartoon in an English newspaper depicts Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev and President John F. Kennedy with fingers on the nuclear button during the October missile crisis in

If the Earth remains habitable in future decades, Trump will be remembered not only as the egomaniacal clown who tried to destroy American democracy but perhaps chiefly as the shortsighted fool who condemned the planet's inhabitants to living in a hellscape whose ugliness is interrupted only by well-maintained golf courses.

Trump will be remembered as a shortsighted fool who condemned humanity to living in a hellscape.

This scared America because its making america think that the soviet union could bomb us at any moment.

I chose this propaganda poster because it puts fear in the American people during the Cold War to motivate them to be prepared for nuclear war with Russia

cold war timeline infographic

The Cold War timeline spans 46 years and nine U. The infographic shows events from the Red Scare to the collapse of the Soviet Union.