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"Nothing can possibly go wrong when you have love in your life. It's everything!"

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I became aware of vulnerability and our facades after my grand-father committed suicide (longer interview on our Facebook page)

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I was told bread-crusts would make my hair curly!

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The mafia pose!

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"My losses in life have made me resilient. They have also resulted in my success. When I was 30 years I got divorced and it hit me hard. I felt that I had lost my honor and dignity, and it took time for me to adjust to my new status. I had to almost learn everything about myself all over again. That period taught me that life is fragile and valuable. I don't see ourselves as separate entities. Our lives are intertwined. Whatever effects you, effects me and vice versa." Finn #TV2…

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"I purposely avoid hurting others because if I hurt you it will stay with me until I ask for forgiveness. If you can't forgive me then neither can God."

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