Mia Hukkelås

Mia Hukkelås

Mia Hukkelås
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I love this now only if my hair would do this

I have naturally blonde hair and it started turning green a few months ago. (No idea how or why.) So, after failing twice to dyed it blonde again, I dyed it red. I love the color, but I want my blonde again. And I think this is the color I want.

Quick, easy, and gorgeous ways to put up your hair in warm weather: http://www.esalon.com/blog/easy-updos-warm-weather/

Bridal hair ideas, browse through more pictures in the post to see the front. Long bob Julianne Hough shows off the perfect accessory to wea.

hair style

Pictures of Beautiful French Fishtail Braid Hairstyle. Get hairstyles ideas and inspiration with Beautiful French Fishtail Braid Hairstyle.

Topsy hair style Xo

Topsy hair style adorable for fall or spring day!

knitted baby boots

I need to learn how to knit (or are these crochet) so I can make cute baby shoes for all my friends' offspring! Mom look at these!

Skappel jacket - Maria Skappel

Skappel jacket - Maria Skappel


There are 29 tips to buy this scarf: clothes knitwear jacket brown blouse white winter outfits pretty beige white fall outfits knit knitted girl chunky cute coat jewels brown big knit knitted winter outfits infinity big light brown light brown jacket.


Replace Knit with Crochet and you have my mother.

Knitting :)

How about Knitting & Yoga.Knit 102 Yarn, Yoga & More Galesburg Il.

Knitted Jacket with Ears

Knitted Jacket with Ears (use Snug pattern? sew on knit ears lined w/felt?