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a group of colorful poles sitting in front of a white building with numbers on it
a display window with letters and numbers painted on it
World Brand Design Society on Instagram: “Joey Barritt @joeybarritt - Working with @fredaldous with 3D lettering stacked up in their Manchester store. #typography . Featured:…”
the letter s is made up of multicolored paper
Creative Typography by Alex Schlegel | Inspiration Grid
Alex Schlegel is a talented motion designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. This cool selection includes some of his features for the 36 Days of Type project. More typography inspiration via Behance
a sign on the side of a building that says les roches rouges
Les Roches Rouges
Les Roches Rouges | A Hotel Life
the inside of a building with benches and lights hanging from it's ceiling beams
Maximalism in interior design explained
Maximalism – The Big Design Trend for 2018. Check Out These Maximalist Interiors
the floor is painted with different colors and shapes
Floor Sticker Printing | Retail Branding & Way Finding Graphics #print #floorgraphics #kensreproductions
two black poles sticking out of the side of a white wall next to each other
two pictures with the same person on them
Toilettes signaletique logo homme femme
many different types of letters and numbers are shown in this collage, including the letter b
Google Wayfinding - SEGD - Designers of Experiences
Google Wayfinding
a fire extinguisher is silhouetted against a wall with an oxygen tube
Take a look around
an abstract geometric pattern with white and black triangles
Raiffeisen - Open Lounge by DGJ+NAU | Shop interiors
Nau Architects
an empty room with white walls and flooring in the center is lit by daylight
نمونه های کانتر منشی طراحی شده به سبک پارامتریک - خط معمار
reception desk
a white counter top sitting inside of a kitchen next to a light hanging from the ceiling
The Candy Room by Red Design Group
Red Design Group is an Australian company that creates creative and exciting environments for retail business across the board and they even have quite a space of their own. One of their recent projects was a candy store called Sweet Enough, also located in Melbourne.