20 Pins
an open concept kitchen with wooden accents and white cabinets, wood flooring and exposed ceiling
OhtaPark Barnhouse designed by Katerina
an architectural drawing of a house with stairs and balconies on the second floor
Slovakian house by JRKVC features a glazed gable wall
a spiral staircase in the corner of a room with bookshelves on both sides
The Insider: Park Slope Empty Nesters Gain Roof Access, New Kitchen in Budget-Friendly Remodel
an image of a living room with stairs in the ceiling and wood flooring on the walls
Spiral Stair Mezzanine Lofts
an open kitchen with stairs leading to the upper floor
Belgian holiday house by GAFPA takes cues from Japan
a kitchen with an orange cabinet and wooden flooring in the center, along with white walls and ceiling
Wood profile ceiling
a wooden porch with potted plants on it
Huset i skogen — SKOG arkitekter
a wooden shed with a metal roof in the middle of some trees and leaves on the ground
an open living room and kitchen area in a loft style home with wood floors, high ceilings, and white walls
Ayfraym Plus Home - Everywhere