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a woman wearing a black hat and red coat with a plaid scarf around her neck
jo march <3
Vintage, Ballet, Amy, Little Women Musical, Vivienne, Pretty Movie
Amy little woman
a woman is standing in the snow near a tree
Little Women (2019)
a man and woman sitting at a dinner table
two people standing in front of a desk with books and papers on top of it
Little Women (1994)
a man in a suit holding a cup and saucer
Little Women (1994)
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a desk with papers
Little Women - Friedrich Bhaer
two pictures of a woman in white dress holding flowers and smiling at the camera, both with her arms outstretched
Little Women
This is a great example of how the fabrics changed with the seasons.
two people hugging each other in the woods
a woman sitting at a table with a candle in the background