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two teal colored napkins sitting on top of a white tablecloth covered in blue flowers
a woman is holding something in her hand while sitting at a table with a flower design on it
DIY - Textiltryck - Lovely Life
DIY Textile Print Tutorial
two hands are working on a black and white piece of art that appears to be made out of wood
Mara Vera Textiles on Instagram: "Helios floor cushion in the making.🌞 A two block design printed on heavy weight line with natural black dye prepared with fermented jaggery and iron."
a hand holding a carved piece of wood on top of a wooden tablecloth covered with leaves
Block printing
a plant wooden stamp sitting on top of a brown cloth with green leaves and the words, plant wooden stamp
three drawsacks with yellow and white designs on them, next to some candy
Taverne Agency | Potato Deco
Taverne Agency | Potato Deco
someone is holding something in their hand and it looks like they have leaves on them