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spices on a white plate with the names of them in their respective colors and flavors
Taco Seasoning
an info sheet describing the different types of seeds and seasonings for every bagel seasoning recipe
EVERYTHING BAGEL SEASONING -- Homemade recipe in seconds!
the instructions for how to make zesty italian seasoning and dressing packets in jars
Homemade Zesty Italian Seasoning & Dressing Packet
two jars of homemade condiments on a cutting board with spoons next to them
Home-made Condensed Milk
How to make Home-made #Condensed #Milk in less than 20 minutes! 2 cups milk, 1 cup sugar, pinch baking soda
homemade convenience mixes from pinterest
10+ Homemade Convenience Mixes - Meet Penny
Homemade Convenience Mixes...easy and the savings can really add up!
an advertisement for a cheeseburger that has been made to look like it is being sold
Meat & Potatoes, Recipes and more
ARBY'S HORSEY SAUCE-Mix in blender, keeps for 2 weeks. Do not freeze.
some oats are sitting on a table next to a can
Who likes saving money?
SOO much healthier and cheaper than pre-packaged oatmeal!! DIY Instant oatmeal packs - 60 packs for less than $4.00 and 10 minutes of your time. I so need to do this! ***Repinning from my Healthy Bites Board - love delicious & healthy
a glass jar filled with rice sitting on top of a table next to a wooden spoon
How to Make Powdered Cheese
How to Make Powdered Cheese -- Choosing the best cheese for powdering is easy; the less moisture it has, the easier it is to powder. Parmesan, Pecorino Romano and dry Jack dry faster and powder easiest; real cheddar, Asiago, Edam and Gouda are close seconds. If you want a milder cheese and don't mind increasing the drying time, emental and Gruyere, both Swiss, and comte, a French gruyere, dry well.
a person holding a jar full of food and paper with writing on the label in it
Recipe: Instant Mac and Cheese Mix in a Mason Jar
When what you're after is the ultimate edible gift that will win hearts (and stomachs), it's time to go straight to nostalgic comfort food. Assembled in a tall jar, this DIY instant mac and cheese goes way beyond anything you'll find in a box, and cooks up into an ultra-creamy dinner to feed the whole table.
how to make baking powder without any contact with the recipe book by surviving store's
Homemade Baking Powder (without any cornstarch!!)
A Super easy guide in making our own Baking Powder. #pioneersettler
a jar filled with cake mix sitting on top of a wooden table
Master Cake Mix
Master Cake Mix
an empty glass jar filled with chocolate cake mix
Chocolate Mug Cake Mix & printable labels
You need to make this Chocolate Mug Cake Mix Recipe to have on hand in case of emergency plus get the Free Printable Labels too! Such a great homemade gift idea too!
homemade mixes in mason jars with text overlay that reads homemade mixes for the kitchen
Homemade Mixes (Brownie Mix, Bisquick, Pancake, etc.)
Homemade Mixes! Easy Recipes and Mixes in Jars for Biscuits, Spices, Cakes, and more! Also makes great homemade gifts for DIY!
homemade brownie mix in a jar with text overlay
Brownie BETTER THAN BOX Mix | Never run out of brownie mix again! Make your own brownie mix for making brownies anytime. Use 2 1/4 cups for the perfect recipe! Free printable label, which makes it easy for homemade gift ideas | See the recipe on TodaysCreativeLife.com
the instructions for how to make zesty italian seasoning and dressing packets in jars
Homemade Zesty Italian Seasoning & Dressing Packet
Zesty Italian dry seasoning packets are super versatile. In addition to using them to create homemade salad dressing, these packets can be used to quickly season grilled meat, create marinades, and to add to roasted potatoes & veggies and slow cooker meals. If you’re like me and use these packets often, try making this copycat version at home!