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a painting of a man and woman holding an umbrella next to a dog in a field
Art and Salt
A Kiss under the Parasol - Ludek Marold, 1895
a painting of a person standing on a cobblestone road at night with the moon in the sky
a painting of a woman in a white dress with flowers around her neck and shoulders
the roses are sighing a moonlight serenade
an image of two women sitting next to each other on a couch in a room
Giclee Painting: Sargent's Mrs. Carl Meyer and her Children, 1896, 28x
a painting of a woman in an elegant dress
The Rose Basket by Florent Willems
a painting of a woman with a bird on her arm and another person in the background
soulacroix, frederic - The Victor
a painting of a woman in a white dress and hat holding a bouquet of flowers
Empty Parlour
a painting of two women and a child in a garden with flowers on the ground
French Le Jardin De La Marraine by Celestial Images