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Smooth Criminal

June Today marks the 4 year anniversary of, truly, the greatest person on earths death. Michael Jackson was and still is an inspirational person and continues to inspire people day to day. I love you Michael.

For the anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, here are amazing photographs of him from every year between 1961 up until his death in

moonwalker4mj: he may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten ❤

michael jackson rehearsing for his This is it concert.Never made it to actually performing it , but held on quite a long time. God needed he more.

Britney Performing with Michael Jackson at his 30th Career Aniversary Concert,September 8th,2001 - britney-spears Photo

Britney Performing with Michael Jackson at his Career Aniversary Concert,September - britney-spears Photo This is the Hottest video EVER! Love her in that green dress :)