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“It's an Axe. a big, giant, heavy axe. it's too heavy for anyone else to wield. but i think theres more to it than that I asked her about it once. She just told me “I'm not going t...

After nearly 8 months of floating around my head, several design changes later and University later. Name: Tiva Malisa Colour: Mint Green Emblem: Record Disk that's on fire Chosen Th.

Sci-Fi weapons, sketches. by noistromo on deviantART

or CyberPunk. [·No portions of this artwork may be used for any purposes without my written permission·] [·If you'd like to use this artwork,.

concept sci fi rifles | Adapted Rifle Variants by Shimmering-Sword on deviantART

Had these first 4 variants sitting around all week, but I got hit by strep throat before I could post em or do any more. Battle Rifle - The most used setup, though many operators will make alterati.