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How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies #infographic

anna-vital: “ How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies Most research in cognitive science explores how we see things but little research is done on how we understand what we see. Understanding is the ultimate test of how good your visualization.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2317

LUXEMBOURG 2016 - A serie of 14 infographics presenting the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, its culture, its people, its labor market. in an original and practical way. A collabaration between STATEC and SIP and HUMAN MADE.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE FOOD - Dark Version on Behance

“THE DARK SIDE OF THE FOOD”Data on restaurant-associated food borne outbreaksreported in England and Wales from 1992 to data visualization was originally made for the "Food Poisoning" challenge organized by Kantar Information is beautiful Aw…

AFRICA - Big Change / Big Chance - Triennale di Milano

Artworks for 'AFRICA - Big Change / Big Chance', at Triennale di Milano , an exhibition on architecture and changes taking place in the African continent, and its related catalog

Freshwater: an agricultural issue by densitydesign, via Flickr

The poster is a framework on water resources.The first part, which is divided between the left and the right shows how water resources are decreasing more and more, on the one hand for climatic reasons (left), the other for the increase in population (r…

Federal spending over the past 50 years.

50 Years Of Government Spending, In 1 Graph

Geo Sankey Chart! Deporting 57,000 Immigrant Kids Will Be Logistics Nightmare - Businessweek

The Logistical Nightmare of Sending 57,000 Immigrant Kids Home

Deporting Immigrant Kids Will Be Logistics Nightmare - Businessweek

Made in France Raconteur Infographic Sankey

Infographic outlining French exports and top 10 importers, alternative exports and most popular markets including caviar, cigars and horsemeat

34 UN Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Infographic Posters

UNEP Environmental Data Explorer :: Infographic Posters - Sankey - Flows GDP and