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Inger Sitter (1929 – 2015) was one of the first artists in Norway to start the abstract movement, a style of significant importance to Norwegian art history and the younger generation of artists proceeding her. She was born in Trondheim, but spent parts of her childhood in Antwerp in Belgium. She studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts as well as in Antwerp and Paris. Through her involvement in artist politics, she has set great mark on the field of Norwegian art history. Through her long artistic career, she managed to lay 85 exhibitions behind her, filled with painting, graphics and sculpture. ...Her art is renowned as lyrical abstraction, a style recognized by loose brushstrokes and an intuitive working process. Nature’s organic forms were also an inspiration for the style, which also is of great importance to Sitter’s art. She was especially enthused by the Norwegian seaside, particularly naked rocks by the shore in her home at Tjøme. Her art is characterized as vital, strong and poetic, a landscape many says reflects her spirit as much as the nature she paints. Most of the compositions are so complex that it is difficult to recognize its abstract form, so it is also recognized as purely nonfigurative. However, Sitter has also worked with applying her finished paintings into stone reliefs, which creates a united assembly between subject, material and self. REFERENCE:

Lithography by Norwegian artist Inger Sitter. Art History, Abstract Art, Wall Art, Artist, Artwork, Painting, Inspirational, Graphics, Contemporary

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