Hilde Østerdal

Hilde Østerdal

Hilde Østerdal
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Her får du 16 supersmarte ideer til bedre oppbevaring på kjøkkenet. Enkle løsninger som gjør kjøkkenet mer funksjonelt og det blir enklere å rydde.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Kitchen Organizing Tips and Tricks - Good Housekeeping. Show Boxes the Door: Get plastic wrap and aluminum foil out of the way by stowing them in a well-hidden magazine file.

Organize cleaning supplies. Best idea ever. I love how much more space I now have.

Tension rod to hang spray bottles.well, I think I will! I did the tension rod thing and it does well with the spray bottles. now for some organization of the rest of the mess under the sink.


Deep drawer to hold all of the extra long cooking utensils vertically. I bet this idea means you save on your kitchen cabinet remodel, because it is one less drawer to purchase Gauntt Hickman Mayer

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A Kitchen Renovation Adds Charm Using Smart Savings No more knocking everything over to reach the back of the cabinet! “Angled spice drawer makes locating the cinnamon easy as apple pie.” @ DIY Home Design