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2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

On my first try in 2015 I got through 11, last year 21, so this year I'll do my best to get them all, or at least further than in 2016.
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"Ugler i mosen! - morsomme klagebrev og enda morsommere svar" av Einar Hammer 'A Book of Letters'


"First Encounters (Lost and Found in History)" av Joseph Cummins 'A Book set in the Wildeness'


"100 Cats Who Changed Civilization" av Sam Stall 'A Book with a Cat on the Cover' Mine is a Swedish edition

"Lolita (Penguin Classics)" av Vladimir Nabokov 'A Bestseller from a Genre you don't Normally read'

"Heart of darkness" av Joseph Conrad 'A Book that is a Story within a Story'

"Smart Blonde - The Life of Dolly Parton" av Stephen Miller 'A Book about an interesting Woman'

"Ost" av Anne Nilsson 'A Book about Food'

"The Time Machine; The Island of Dr Moreau; The Invisible Man; The First Men in the Moon; The Food of the Gods; In the Days of the Comet; The War of the Worlds (Complete & Unabridged)" av H. G. Wells 'A Steampunk Novel'

"Aprilhäxan" av Majgull Axelsson 'A Book with a Month or a Day of the Week in the Title'

"Sjokoladekongen - Johan Throne Holst" av Erik Rudeng 'A Book that's been Mentioned in another Book'