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two old airplanes are sitting in the grass with their numbers on them and one is missing
Fighter, Usn, Fighter Aircraft, Fighter Planes, Usmc, Wwii Fighters
an advertisement for north american f - 6a mustang
an old photo of a man standing in front of a fighter jet with the caption's name on it
Nakajima Ki-44 II-Hei Shoki - Capitano Yoshio Yoschida, 3° Chutai, 70° Sentai, Aeroporto di Kashiwa, giugno 1945. Sulla fusoliera sono riportate le 6 vittorie contro i bombardieri pesanti B-29.
Imperial Japanese Navy, Aeroplane
an old airplane is shown in this black and white photo with the caption below it
Art, Dioramas, Warbirds, Nose Art
Usaf, Army, War Machine, Us Bombers, World War Two
the north american p - 51d mustang
North American P-51D Munstang
an old photo of a man working on a plane
the north american p - 51d mustang is on display
P-51D Mustang