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a room filled with lots of different types of clocks and other things on shelves next to each other
Collection of coffee grinders
an old fashioned metal and glass clock on display
an old fashioned stove is sitting on a black surface with a wooden handle and knob
Coffee grinder,Louis XIV.,ca 1760, France
an old fashioned tea kettle with a wooden box on the side and a small cup next to it
an old fashioned sink with a faucet on top
coffee grinder
an antique silver coffee grinder sitting on top of a wooden table
Coffee grinder, France
an old style ice cream maker sitting on top of a red mat with a green handle
Cofee Grinder, ca 1950, fa PeDe(Peter Dienes), Germany
an old fashioned clock is hanging from the ceiling with brass fittings and knobs
Czech coffee grinder, ca 1880-1910
an old fashioned coffee grinder hanging from a hook on the wall with a rubber ball attached to it
Swedish cast iron coffee grinder Husqvarna No2
an old model house with a knife sticking out of it
Coffee grinder, France and Belgium system
a green and white blender sitting on top of a counter
Coffee grinder, ca 1930-40, fa Peugeot, France
an old fashioned phone is sitting on a white sheet with a black handle and knob
Austro-Hungarian coffee grinder
an antique coffee grinder on display in a store
Coffee grinder
an old fashioned brass coffee grinder on a white table
Brass coffee grinder with mirror