This is a great idea! Yard Twister without the mat.

Yard Twister - fun game for spring and summer parties! Great idea for grad parties!

Backyard bottle bowling - add light sticks to bottles for playing at night

Birthday Bash! Party Planning Tips & Tricks

Make a backyard bowling alley. Add food coloring to clear plastic bottles of water. Use party streamers as lane margins. Add glow sticks for night bowling. (These would make great outdoor table nightlights also with the glowsticks, gonna try it!

tea cup feeder - click through to see more!

10 Super Simple DIY Bird Feeders For Spring!

Tea set bird feeders You will need: Old cups and saucers, matching or not A pencil Cloth-backed coarse grade sandpaper An all-purpose glue or hot glue gun Fishing line, or hanging hooks for bird feeders, available from specialty stores (Diy Garden Party)

Parking. Great use for wood from trees felled on building site or repurposed from old house

Repurpose a fallen tree into a bike stand - brilliant idea! We have bikes, we have a felled tree trunk still lying in the garden, we have a new bike rack!

HAGEINSPIRASJON: (Beates hjørne - livet, visdomsord, hverdagen, musikk)


Elf house on a tree! That would be cute in the garden, especially in the tree over grown with ivy. How about some battery tea lights in the windows during outdoor parties. I hear the fairies/elves whispering "home school project" in my ear.

Dvergsyrin - Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'

Dvergsyrin - Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'

Backyard chalkboard--less mess and the rain washes it away!

Backyard chalkboard--less mess and the rain washes it away--such a good idea. Have your party guess write notes.then photograph for party memories before the rain washes it away.