Renate Heramb Foktberg

Renate Heramb Foktberg

Renate Heramb Foktberg
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Bellatrix Lestrange

Day least fav female character and why: Bellatrix Lestrange because she kills almost all my fav characters and I hate how she tauntes people with the annoying voice btw I'm not doing the hunger games today cuz I hav nothing

There can be only one! Hahahaha! I probably laughed a little too hard at this!

Swan: you've made a huge mistake. Our Bella is a psycho bitch who can kill you in two words. Your excuse of a Bella is just a stupid bitch who let's a creep watch her in her sleep and I'm praying she's not your role model

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Outfits and Styles The I Would Like to Try After I Lose Weight Flannel Shirts and Dr. Marten's Combat Boots are always good thing to have in your closet! Marten's are good shoes and worth every penny so be sure to stock up, Chloe!

Would you wear this fab look?

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