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The legendary shark is far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality. As scientific research on these elusive predators increases, their image as mindless killing machines is beginning to fade. Photo by Dave Sandford

I just can't believe that thousands and thousands of these fishy monsters live in the ocean for real....AND WE KNOW THIS.....and still go in that bitch! No sir. Not me. Ain't nobody got time to die!

That a cool photo. Fighting in the water for the hunger and fighting in the sky for the life- What is wrong with his mouth? On the right side above the merging of top and bottom jaws, it does not look a natural injury.


hellyeahjackandbobby: “ kennedykind: “ jfk-and-jackie: “ Howell Conant photographs President John F. Kennedy as he smokes a cigarrillo outside his NYC studio, ” HOT ” Smokin’ ”

.the 'presidential'

Today being the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, there has been plenty of discussion about the man and the event. Style icon notwithstanding, I’ve been fascinated with JFK for years. Reading about that day, seeing the films of …