Ingrid Henriksen

Ingrid Henriksen

Ingrid Henriksen
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Disney Need To Watch List

Disney Need To Watch List

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Obi

Obi looking awesome as always, from Akagami no shirayuki hime or in English Snow white with the red hair.

Also, in Gridlock, Brannigan talks about a woman who committed suicide by standing on the motorway and breathing the fumes: "By the time they found her, her head had swollen 50 feet." Would Jack not have run around in the motorway, fighting macra? How else did his head get so big?

The truth to the Face of Boe! Why he's only a face, anyways. If anyone argues with me again (yes, it has happened before) that Jack couldn't possibly be the Face of Boe, I will just show them this!

doctor who memes | Ramblings of a Cellist Nerd: Doctor Who Meme - Day 08 - A Who-Related ...

lol it would have been so funny if it really was jack in the ship, doctor who <- actually I thought that was who she was talking about and I was super disappointed when it wasn't. <----/ oh my god, me too! It made me so sad

Captain Jack Harkness

Dean and Sam have to go down a row or two. Anyone remember a few Tuesday's?