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a pole on the sidewalk with numbers painted on it
Functional street art in Maastricht city center
a colorful mural painted on the side of a building with stairs leading up to it
Street Art on Twitter
Street Art by Penelope Lape, Spain
people walking up and down the stairs with signs on them to indicate where they are going
Account Suspended
Clever idea from the Japanese government to encourage people to use the stairs
people sitting on the steps in front of some stairs and one man is using his cell phone
11 Unique Public Seating from Around the World!
an empty parking lot that has been painted with white paint and the words you had one job and you killed it
Parking Spaces
a man in a suit and tie walking across an airport tarmac with zebra stripes painted on the ground
zebra crosswalk...
a pole on the sidewalk with numbers painted on it
Sun Dial Street Art
a mural on the side of a metal fence
The art of anamorphic illusions: the 10 most talented artists of the world - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
Amazing street art by Zebrating
a crosswalk painted with multicolored lines on the ground next to a street
“funnycross” – Urban Art&design. Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain.
four different views of the same building and its reflection in water, with one image being distorted
Billboard Installation
‘non-sign II’ is an installation by seattle based art collective lead pencil studio located at the Canada-US border near Vancouver. The sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard.
a black and white photo of a person on the street with numbers drawn on it
Urban Hopscotch
Street Art
a broken toilet sitting on the ground next to a metal pole and some concrete blocks
OaKoAk, "street artist" français plein d'humour...
there are many different colored pencils lined up on the side of the street,
Avec LeCyklop Paris, à Rue René Goscinny.
a drawing of a man's face on the side of a building with scaffolding
Beyond Banksy Project / Borondo - Madrid, Spain
a large mural on the side of a building
#BigArtBoost (@BigArtBoost) / Twitter
Street Art @GoogleStreetArt shared on Twitter ~ Artist @daleast extraordinary new large scale nature in Street Art mural located St.Marks, NYC #art #streetart pic.twitter.com/mV1q1O8OPq ><3<