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the young man is wearing a hat and posing for a magazine cover photo, with his hands on his hips
mena~ ✨ forever 5HINee💙 (@mncrbn91)
#SHINee #Jonghyun for Haper's BAZAAR
a male in a black suit singing into a microphone
Seeing pictures of him makes my heart ache so much
the young man is dressed in jeans and a black turtle - neck sweater, holding his hands out
a man standing on top of a skateboard in front of a person wearing white
Kim Jonghyun
a male in a red suit is holding a microphone
dreaming radio - mbc harmony concert — 150811 #shinee #jonghyun
a young man with pink hair wearing a black hat and red sweatshirt holding a cell phone
a man sitting in a chair holding a piece of paper and looking at the camera
김종현, may you rest in peace. you were an brightening star, now you're angel.
three men standing on stage with microphones in front of them
SHINee always 5 forever. Just died a little inside.....
JongHyun. lonely Films
JongHyun. lonely
a young boy singing into a microphone with confetti falling from the sky behind him
Jonghyun, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for making us happy when we were down and for smiling no matter what. You've been through a lot throughout your life and you have impacted millions with your talent. It has spread worldwide, it will never disappear. Your music makes everyone happy and feel better when times are hard. Every time I hear your voice, I smile knowing that you are safe in heaven. Thank you so much Kim Jonghyun, you've worked hard.~Usagi (Dara)
a young man with blonde hair and piercings on his ears, wearing a white shirt
SHINee Jonghyun
a male in a black shirt and white pants with a microphone on his head,
Kim Jonghyun
Kim Jonghyun
a young man in a suit and tie standing next to a grand piano with his hands on his hips
the young man is wearing a black hat
The Ciphers.
two different stars