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Trump – Beware on Behance

I remember hearing about a tabloid headline earlier this year of "Trump is the Antichrist", after the Pope criticised him for being 'un-christian.' Thought that would be fun illustration to visualise and this was the result.

Blackstar poster

A library of graphic illustrations created for the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The illustrations commemorate the permanent exhibition, Musical Crossroads, which celebrates African American contributions to music.

shine brite zamorano: making masks with marcos.

The graders continued their line unit this week. I shared some mask drawings that designer and illustrator Marcos Roman made.

Andrea Pippins prints. From Jeanine Hays @ AprhoChic: "The collection of prints is a vibrant celebration of hair, and African and African-American culture. Each image is inspired by West African barber shop signs."

Andrea Pippins' Art afrochicgist: “ Andrea Pippins created I Love My Hair for a thesis project in grad school. Originally a campaign to encourage African-American women to love and embrace their.