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You Won’t Believe How Insanely Detailed This Guy’s Fictional Maps Are. Seriously. | Science Blogs | WIRED

You Won’t Believe How Insanely Detailed This Guy’s Fictional Maps Are.

A new way to look at rivers: like an urban transit map. This guy made cool maps of all the rivers in the United States

transit-style map of North American rivers, by Daniel Huffman Reading Sailing the Tropics I have no idea how Anne Frank stayed so positive d.

New York City - Circular Subway Map by Max Roberts

Circular New York: Reimagining New York's Subway System in Concentric Circles. A new MTA map design by mapmaker Max Roberts renders the New York subway lines in concentric circles, emphasizing their connectivity over location.

Paving Map of Portland, 1894. CRAZY! http://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/paving-map-of-portland-january-1-1894.jpg

Paving Map of Portland – January 1894 - This is a beautifully rendered map of Portland by City Surveyor T. It includes color coded references to the composition of many Portland streets. River depths and ferry crossings are also noted.

Map of Fictional Island. Koana Islan has 32-island chain, with its nine major cities, 11 national parks, 93 million residents and a landmass that is equal to Spain and Sweden combined does not really exist.

The entire Republic of Koana Islands, a fictional land created by Ian Silva.