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a dining room table with chairs and a large painting on the wall
Large Sky Abstract Painting on Canvas,sea Painting Brown Abstract Painting,sunrise Landscape Painting,ocean Art,wall Art Office Decor - Etsy New Zealand
an abstract painting on display in a white walled room with wood flooring and wooden floors
Incision, by Jay DeFeo
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Rörelser..tyngden i det skitiga myllret &alltid i inprogress...........
an abstract painting of snow covered mountains in blue and black colors on a dark background
Geir Nymark 2013
an airplane is flying over the top of a large rock with blue paint on it
an abstract painting with blue and brown colors on the bottom, in front of a dark background
Geir Nymark 2013
a large mountain covered in snow next to a body of water
Abstract Landscape