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an overhead view of the space shuttle and its surroundings, with text describing how it would look like
Car Parking 45 Degree DWG Detail for AutoCAD • Designs CAD
three cars are shown with the measurements for each car, and one is in different positions
an aerial view of a building with multiple floors
the ground plan for an office building
Gallery of Massively out of Focus – the Melaten Car Park / KSG Architekten - 26
the floor plan for an office building that is being constructed in two different sections, including one
Studio Symbiosis PUNJAB KESARI HEADQUARTERS — Parametrismus
the floor plan for an empty parking lot with three cars parked in it and two people walking
Come progettare un garage, la guida tecnica
an aerial view of a parking lot with many cars parked in the lot and around it
Проект многоэтажного паркинга открытого типа с двумя криволинейными рампами (26)