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In actress Tippi Hedren ("The Birds"), established the Shambala Preserve in California’s Mojave Desert, a wildlife sanctuary for lions and tigers. This lions name is Togar. He was brought to the sanctuary but had never been around any other lions.

I love how my breed of cat is the only one not on here tho

Kawaii cat breeds for the Сat-people of the world ; get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel

"Shut up." "I didn't say anything." // Hang on, wait. Doesn't the Doctor have a scene like this? I could swear he did.

"Shut up Ron." " I didn't say anything. Slow Clap for Harry Potter Fandom "Shut up Percy." "Ididnt say anything Annabeth!" Slow Clap for Perccy Jackson Fandom

Fandoms vs. Teachers FANDOMS WINS!!!

Teachers dealing with fandoms in school; mine are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. But lol the Mortal Instruments fandom is probably me :)