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#6 Alerta Spoiler

For real, Veronica Roth!I think I'm okay with Tris dying. I just don't like how she wrote it. It almost seemed like Tris died for nothing.<How dare YOU PANSYCAKE

Not cool... Finished Allegiant just last night.... so many dang tears, it was like a waterfall rushing from my eyes!

Al started to like Tris: Dead; Will started to like Christina: Dead; Marlene started to like Uriah: Dead (Both); Fernando started to like Christina: Dead; Tris liked Tobias: .

I know I have<<< And then this lovable idiot wlaks in and COMPLETELY ruined my life and then saved me but honestly he’d be dead 10 times over if it wasn’t for me yada yada yada GIVE IT TO ME WANT WANT WANT