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two people standing on top of a large structure in the sky with words written all over it
some people are standing in front of a wall with gold and blue designs on it
Stargazing Egyptians in UHD
Depict a scene where ancient Egyptians, dressed in period-appropriate attire, are observing the night sky with keen interest. In their hands are tools and scrolls, capturing the celestial patterns. Behind them, subtly etched on coffin lids, are the 'star clocks,' intricate diagrams mapping the stars' paths across the heavens, 32k uhd resolution --v 6 --stylize 750
the inside and outside view of a futuristic city
a drawing of a woman standing on top of an iceberg looking at the sky
The Obscure Cities
an open book with pictures and text about the contents in it, including hands holding a knife
a person standing in front of a large clock with gears on it's face
Victo Ngai
an illustration of a man standing in front of a giant clock with wheels on it