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Things to knit if I ever get board of sewing? OK - things to knit in between the sewing projects

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Ravelry: liwes' Kari Traa rose-socks

liwes' Teal rose-socks

My daughter wanted socks to match with her sweather. I tried and think they match. The pair weights 99 grams

Stockholm Scarf

Stockholm Scarf

Elegant free knitting patterns like this one are great for kicking off the start of autumn. Wear your cozy Stockholm Scarf wrapped twice around your neck for instant glamor. Made with circular knitting needles, you can learn how to make an infinity scarf by seaming two long strips together - making this project even more on-the-go friendly. Pick your favorite color, or knit more than one in different colors to match your wardrobe. Cute circle scarf patterns like this that work in any season…

Spring Lace Infinity Scarf

Spring Lace Infinity Scarf

This chartreuse-colored infinity scarf pattern is pretty lace option for warm weather accessorizing. The Spring Lace Infinity Scarf features gorgeous lace edging and a simple body interspersed with few rows of dropped stitches for added interest. The breathable nature of the linen fiber makes this infinity scarf ideal for heat and humidity.

1950's cabled cardigan knitting pattern - download FREE at LoveKnitting!

5 free cable knitting patterns | LoveCrafts

It's time to cast on a cable project, and we've got the perfect pattern for you! Whether you are a beginner or a cable champ; take a look at our top 5 FREE cable knitting patterns and get inspired to knit up some twists and turns.

Knitted Taxidermy knit kits from Sincerely Louise | Finally you can make your own knitted animal head! This reindeer is a favourite of ours

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Knitted Taxidermy knit kits from Sincerely Louise | Finally you can make your own knitted animal head! This reindeer is a favourite of ours

Openwork Infinity Scarf

Openwork Infinity Scarf

Who knew chunky knitting patterns could be so elegant? The Openwork Infinity Scarf is not only a cozy option for a chilly winter day, it's a gorgeous, outfit-enhancing accessory. This beautiful knit infinity scarf pattern is perfect for stylish fashionistas who hate being cold. Knit with super bulky yarn on big needles, this scarf is a quick knit you'll be able to wear in no time. The Openwork Infinity Scarf makes a great gift, but it's so cute and cozy, you'll want to keep it for yourself.

He drank a whole bottle of champagne out of one of my pumps. My charcoal pads filtered out most of the alcohol, but he still got tipsy enough to sing me a Chuck Mangione song.

Oh HELLO! I hope everyone is grand. I'm not too bad here, even though it's a) Monday and b) extremely dreary. Things aren't too bad, though. I worked at home today and Nic and I were able to go out for a walk at lunchtime and I found something awesome in the Myton Hospice shop... It's a tennis-themed Snoopy sheet. I thought I was mostly over novelty prints, but who am I kidding? I am going to have to make myself a little Snoopy dress. Maybe I'll even be able to wear it before the end of the…

Gah! Cardigan!

As I sat looking up at the Guinness Ad, I could never figure out how your man stayed up on the surfboard after fourteen pints of stout

Hello everyone! How's it going, there? Everything is grand here - Nic and I are just back from a lovely long weekend at home in Northern Ireland. It was brilliant. I had been feeling ill all last week with an annoying sinus infection that just wouldn't shift, but being at home made me feel better. I slept well and of course it helped that I had my parents to look after me, but whatever it was, it was great! We arrived on Thursday evening and came back yesterday. The thing that prompted the…

Brioche Rib Infinity Scarf

Brioche Rib Infinity Scarf

There's something to be said for knit scarf patterns that are not only quick and easy to finish but also incredibly fashionable. The Brioche Rib Infinity Scarf is everything you need to keep warm while still maintaining your sense of style. After all, there's no reason to sacrifice style for warmth when you can just create a beautiful knitted accessory that has both! Since it only requires knowledge of the basic knit stitch, this easy knit scarf pattern is perfect for beginner knitters who…


City Cardigan to Knit

This top-down cropped cardigan, with a deep hem and flattering shape, closes with 3 buttons. It has a matching button and buttonhole on the ribbed cuffs.


Belts to Crochet

Create a belt for any occasion or to complement an outfit – choose from 6 lengths.


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