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Hahahahahaha. I am not that snappy when it comes to it. But yeah. Respect is what I find attractive. :3

"you'll scare guys off with that feminist crap" oh I'm sorry You're right The kind of guy who has problems with me demanding that I be treated as his equal is totally the kind of guy I want to be in a relationship with my mistake

Men think equality is a demotion because they're used to being exalted

Men think equality is a demotion because they're used to being exalted. Doubly so for White Men facing racial equality.

I totally agree. As a feminist I believe in equality nothing more nothing less. I don't think women should be considered better and I don't think men should be either I believe they should be considered equal.

Men really do have legitimate societal issues that need to be dealt with. The "friendzone," however, is not one of them.

notice the overlap between the "men's issues" above and the cultural perceptions that feminist the movement actively opposes.

Wow, an equality movement that's purpose is to derail another equality movement and go against the VERY. THING. They say they are fighting for.

The MRA movement only exists to harass feminists who dare to fight for equality. They invariably make every issue about THEM. They feel threatened by equality, as it means they would no longer have the power to control others.

Because a woman thinking you are ugly is definitely the same as a woman thinking she might be assaulted...

Men typically grow up with the same standards as women that they have to look attractive. And men get assaulted too, so they still can have the same fear.