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an old door has been transformed into a shelf with books on it and the words, pretty cool old door hacks
Repurpose an old panel door into a bookshelf! by Egle Tebe
four pictures showing how to make a chandelier with paper doily on it
DIY Approachs For Simple Fashion Lace Lampshade
DIY lace lampshade
several different types of plastic objects being held by hands
re-use re-design -- make a plastic spoon chandelier look good on either side of the bed.
there are two pictures with flowers in them and one has a spoon hanging from it
Estate2 - Etsy
old bent tea spoon garden art as plant hanger; perfect for cottage style home decor; Upcycle, Recycle, Salvage, diy, thrift, flea, repurpose! For vintage ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL
there are three pictures with different items on them and one has a wooden hanger
Repurposed wooden coat clothes hanger recycled into jewelry, necklace Holder, add hooks; Upcycle, recycle, salvage, diy, repurpose! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL
the instructions for how to tie a t - shirt and other items in different ways
DIY T- Shirt Redesign Ideas (part 5)
Headband DIY T-Shirt Redesign Ideas @Jenna Nelson Nelson Koalakowski i can make you this one asap because it looks easy
three pictures of different types of benches in the grass and one is made out of wood
How To Make A French-Styled Bench From Old Chairs
Chair upcycle