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ok, this dress really isn't my style, but i remember when i was little and would dream about weddings i would ALWAYS dream of sewing real roses on the hem of my wedding dress. so beautiful.

secret garden

Vintage Rose - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bicycle! The rose arbor is beautiful, as well. I would like to meet the charming person that lives there.


Thin cables attached to the building with hook-and-eye fasteners and turnbuckles provide a nearly invisible support system for training roses. Consider using weather-resistant marine hardware.

Wishing well...I wish I had one!

Sacred Well: Wishing Well. The tradition of tossing coins into wishing wells derives directly from the practice of ancient peoples to make offerings to the Gods and the Goddesses at Sacred Wells.

oh, oh, oh!!!! I could live with this door! even if it led to a cardboard box!!!!

Dainty writings from a doll who adores Art & photography. Vintage dresses, the to Art Nouveau, Bunnies, peacocks, the intoxicating aroma of lilies and peonies. Daydreams & fairy tales and a lot of love!

outside steps

Such a great idea to put some groundcover between stairs in an outdoor space! This green groundcover looks great aginast the contrast of the dark red brick stairs. The iron railing isn't a bad touch either!