Мастер-класс по вязанию спицами: вязание в стиле пэчворк


Discover thousands of images about Entrelac knitting looks scary, but trust me, you can handle it! Here are some tips to help your first venture into entrelac be a success.

Ravelry: Vinterland pattern by Matilda Kruse

Vinterland pattern by Matilda Kruse

I just love these Latvia hand knitted mittens- now all I need is the time to knit a pair!

Latvia hand knitted mittens - i remember my grandmother knitting the second pair from the right. lovely colours,such sentiment ♥

Fredsvotten - Peace from Selbu Husflid, Norway. Originally made to the theater play a family's struggle during the world war. Idea and director Elisabeth Matheson.

yikes, these are gorgeous!

Motorcycle Mittens pattern by Jorid Linvik

One size, depends on gauge / yarn used. Pattern includes 4 different logotypes. 2 motifs, with or without wings.