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Helene Baxter

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Helene Baxter
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10 Must Have Makeup Palettes for 2017

Yay for the new year! It's time to clean out the makeup bag and makeup drawers, throw away old, expired makeup and make room for everything new. With all of the new makeup launches, it's not hard. The makeup brands have been bringing it, especially whe

color palettes for different eye colors....I like that there are a lot of choices. with blue eyes i always hear 'brown eye shadow'...i like having different options.

What colors brings out my eyes better? Have you ever wondered just exactly what colors brings out your eyes most? It depends on what color your eyes are. For instance, my eyes are brown, so the col.

Coolest pin everrrrr...

Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever. Thus actually made me smile more and more as I scrolled down because I have said this so many times when people ask me my favorite color :D