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Lace leaf and cable Knitting stitch

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I can see doing any part of this as a border on something...especially fingerless mitts! What a scarf this would be!:

Photoshop pixel art pattern for an infinite scarf.

Рождественские носочки от Kirsten Hall - Жаккард - Страна Мам

Вышивка и аппликация

Christmas socks from Kirsten Hall - Jacquard - the Country of Mothers

Fair Isle Knitting Pattern ⋆ Knitting Bee

Fair Isle Knitting Pattern

Jacquard Knitting and Colorwork Patterns ⋆ Page 8 of 9 ⋆ Knitting Bee

strikke diagram - Google-søk

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Lace Knitting Stitch #67 | Lace Knitting Stitches

Lace Knitting Stitch #67 | Lace Knitting Stitches

This chart was inspired by Donna Smith’s Baa-ble hat which was produced for Shetland Wool Week. This chart includes two border collies which will need to be duplicate stitched into the hat when completed. The collies were patterned after my own dogs Jennie the dog and Sophie, who both happily herd sheep.

Ravelry: Border Collie & Sheep hat chart pattern by Meg Warren

d2vKAbLdJG4.jpg (736×736)

d2vKAbLdJG4.jpg (736×736)

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51a3185cec0e9d5b720cea8be420c817.jpg 739 × 501 bildepunkter

colored patterns (Saules Lācis)

Saules Lācis - Patterns with colors


Lace Knitting Pattern with Leaves Nr 32

Ravelry: Telemark pattern by Katrine Hammer - pretty!

Part of the resistance derives from our difficulty in imagining the passage of the millennia, much less the aeons. What does seventy million years mean to beings who live only one-millionth as long? We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever. -Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Butterfly Mittens pattern by Emily Bujold

Ravelry: We Are Like Butterflies Mittens pattern by Emily Bujold

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Fair Isle Knitting Pattern ⋆ Knitting Bee

Fair Isle Knitting Pattern

This is the graph for the mauve Fair Isle. Perfect for a little girls sweater.